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About Me

My Interest in banknotes started more or less in 1975 when I started work, The wage packet was small but at 16 it was a lot more than some of my intelligent friends.
The job was working with money, and the company rules said we had to take but not issue Scottish Banknotes, I have to say these impressed me with the variety and colour.
After all the latest BoE ones were a bit drab, hence I started to explore the Scottish ones and was fortunate enough to be given a very small collection, I had a dilemma, These wonderful things could also be used as beer vouchers, hence the original collection didn't last much past the initial firkins. The interest remained and when I was able to afford them I purchased them. Alas, with the passing of the years I now feel it's time to start passing them on to others who may wish get some enjoyment out of them.

Note of Caution

All of my notes are kept in plastic folders in a smoke free environment, however I cannot be held responsible if they have a slight whiff of smoke about them as they have all been obtained from individuals and not direct from banks etc.
I am not an expert by any stretch of the imagination, so anything on this site cannot be assumed to have been professionally graded, where a grade is mentioned this was the grade ( if any ) when purchased appended by 3rd party.
All of the notes have been scanned as they are and a true representation, I have not tried to enhance the scans. Nor have I ironed any notes to smooth them out, but this must not be seen as a guarentee that someone hasn't prior to my ownership

Some of the notes on offer

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